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Hard Water Bullet Poly Triple Action Water Softener Review

By G. Simms, Plumber, Contractor 

By G. Simms

Plumber, Contractor

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Having hard water is something that can make you dread hopping in the shower every day. Not only do you need to worry about that water leaving behind stains, but you may find that it sticks to your skin and leaves you dealing with the film that it leaves behind. With the Poly Triple Action Water Softener, you can say goodbye to hard water and hello to soft skin.

To make sure that you learn all about this water softener, we compared it to other models in our Poly Triple Action Water Softener review. You can now quickly find out the top benefits of this product and why you should add it to your home.

Hard Water Bullet Poly Triple Action Water Softener Review


  • You can use it in rental homes and units that lack the space for a full water softener
  • As it doesn't use salt, maintenance is easy
  • It works in RVs and campers
  • The multiple stages remove chemicals and bacteria
  • You can get up to nine months of use from one filter


  • It does not work on some of the metals in your water
  • Some units have a higher GPM rating
  • You may need to replace the beads more often than the manufacturer claims
  • It doesn't work as well in large homes as it does small homes

Is It Worth Your Money?

Weighing only four pounds, the Poly Triple Action Water Softener shows that good things come in small packages. It has a three-in-one design that lets you get more bang for your buck because it both softens and conditions the water at the same time that it purifies the water. You can get rid of hard water in less time than you expected.

This model is also worth the money because of the casing that won't rust and the stainless still filter that you can easily clean. It has a 30 GPM rating that lets up to 30 gallons of clean water come through every minute too. With a two-micron filter and multiple stages, it can make quick work of any hard water.


  • Dimension: 4.5 x 4.5 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Easy to Install
  • Four-stage filtration system
  • Flow Rate: 30 GPM

Detailed Review and Breakdown

Use our detailed Poly Triple Action Water Softener review and breakdown to find out the reasons to use this filter and some of the problems you might encounter.

Top Features

The top feature of the Poly Triple Action Water Softener is the hard water bullet core. Water moves through this core, which finds all the calcium particles and transforms those particles into soft crystals. Those crystals then move through the other stages to eliminate all the chemicals and deposits that cause hard water.

We also like the small size of this system, which takes up a fraction of the space that most require. You can install it in your laundry room, by your kitchen sink or near your shower to get soft water wherever you want it.


  • Four pounds
  • Four-stage filtration system
  • Conditions, softens and treats all types of water
  • 4.5 X 4.5 X 10 inches in size
  • Mounting hardware included
  • 30 GPM flow rating


With both a canister and a pre-filter included in the box, this filtration system is easy to set up. It also includes a mounting bracket on the top and hardware that lets you mount it to any wall or space. When you follow the included instructions, you can get the filtration system set up in as little as 60 minutes.

To show that the product is reliable, the manufacturer gives you a 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. You can return it and get your purchase price back within three months. It also features a lifetime warranty on the converter and a 24-month warranty on the other parts.


Filtration systems for the whole home can easily cost more. You can get the Poly Triple Action Water Softener for much less. As it does not require salt, you can save some money on maintenance costs do. You should factor in the costs of the beads/crystals and how often you'll need to replace them.

Who is This for?

Do you hate taking a shower because you climb out feeling almost as dirty as you did when you jumped under the water? Hard water supplies have minerals and other substances in them that can cling to your skin. A water softener such as this one removes the elements of hard water and gives you the clean water that you desire.

This water softener is also suitable for those who have small homes and don't want to spend a lot of time adding salt to a water softener or figuring out where to put it. It can work in any size home as well as RVs and motorhomes.

Our Opinion

With our Poly Triple Action Water Softener review, we wanted to highlight the benefits of this system that works in all areas of your home. It has such a compact design that you can use it on the go when you travel in a motorhome or RV too.

Not only does it soften your water, but it goes beyond what other systems do to both treat and condition the water. If you want an affordable water softener for your home, this is a solid choice.

Other Options Worth Looking At

Some of the main competitors to the Poly Triple Action Water Softener include the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler - Water Softener Alternative and iSpring ED2000 Whole House Salt-Free Electronic Descaler Water Conditioner, both of which give you freedom from salt. With the iSpring, you get all the minerals and nutrients that you need from your water without any of the hard water problems that you usually have. It works on copper, PVC and other types of water pipes too.

Eddy Electronic keeps you happy with a warranty that covers the first 12 months that you own the system. You can get lifetime repairs on the system too, which is a salt-free alternative to traditional water softeners. Another one is the Magnetic System which can easily be installed on your water line.

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George Simms is a Salt Lake City based plumber and contractor, with a focus on aiding homes and businesses (particularly farm) solve problems with hard and contaminated water. Walter is here to share his wealth of job experience and a knowledge of both modern and antique plumbing.

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