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Fleck 5600sxt 64000 Review: Enjoy Soft Water in Every Room

By G. Simms, Plumber, Contractor 

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By G. Simms

Plumber, Contractor

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Millions of people deal with hard water daily, which is why we spent months going over the leading water softeners to see how well they work and whether they can stack up to the competition. Our research helped us find the Fleck 5600sxt 64000 from Pentair and create a Fleck 5600sxt 64000 review to go over its best features.

To make sure that you have all the information needed before buying a water softener, we looked at some of the flaws and made a short list of the product's cons. You'll find those pros and cons along with the cost and ease of use in our Fleck 5600sxt 64000 review.

Fleck 5600sxt 64000 Review


  • Helps you soften your water without any of the mess
  • Saves your settings and preferences for 48 hours
  • Provides a steady and almost endless supply of soft water
  • Works in homes with one or more bathrooms
  • Comes shipped in two packages to protect the parts


  • The warranty may not cover damage caused during shipping
  • Lacks the necessary connections for the drain tank
  • Some found the instructions hard to follow
  • Can spring leaks caused by daily use

Is It Worth Your Money?

With a digital meter and a 64,000-grain design, the Fleck 5600sxt 64000 is definitely worth your money. Though it has a high-tech design, you shouldn't have any issues installing the water softener or using it to enjoy better water in every room. It even comes with brine and resin already in the tank to save some of the frustrations of setting it up.

We also think that this model is worth the money because it reduces the amount of salt that you need and helps you see how much water you normally use. Once you save your settings, the system will remember your preferences for 48 hours after a power outage too.


  • Dimension: 48 X 12 X 12 inches
  • Weight: 180 pounds
  • Flecks Most Popular Softener Valve
  • Made in the USA
  • Loaded Mineral Tank

Detailed Review and Breakdown

Top Features

Do you worry about what will happen to your water softener when the power goes out or encounter an error message? Pentair gives you freedom from those worries with this water softener, which has a 48-hour backup and a scan and service app. In only seconds, you can see exactly what is wrong with it and how you can fix it.

Another top feature is the carbon filter, which contains that filter inside the unit. You can use the system to both filter and soften your water, but it also has a reverse osmosis built-in feature that can help your water taste better and eliminate all the odors you usually detect.

The Scan and Service app is a new feature that comes with this system that we think you'll appreciate. Once you download this app, you can scan the water softener to learn more about it. This app also lets you see what service or repairs the water softener might need.


  • 48 X 12 X 12 inches
  • 8% resin type
  • Made in the United States
  • 64,000 grains
  • 2.0 cubic feet
  • Digital meter


We wanted to include some details on the reliability and ease of use of this water softener in our review of the Fleck 5600sxt 64000. Some water softeners come with directions that are confusing and hard to follow, but this unit walks you through every step you need to follow, including what comes in the box and how to install each piece. Those instructions show you how to set up the programs too.

Also included is a standard brine tank with a 250-pound capacity that ensures you never run out of salt. It also features an overflow drain to prevent water damage caused by a crack or other damage.


Culligan and other companies that make water softeners can charge thousands of dollars for a simple unit that softens the water in an entire house. Penair makes several more affordable options that include the Fleck 5600sxt 64000. While we found some models in the same price range, most lacked the digital meter and programming memory that this one has.

Who is This for?

The Fleck 5600sxt 64000 is suitable for anyone who wants a water softener that works for the whole home and not just the kitchen or a single bathroom. It has a large capacity and can provide softened water on demand and whenever you want it. It is a good choice for homes with big families too.

We recommend this water softener for those who are not afraid of the high-tech design. The digital meter features a bright digital screen and buttons that let you adjust the settings based on what you need for your water. Anyone who wants a quick and easy way to service and repair a water softener will also like this model because of the included app.

Our Opinion

Hard water can make your skin feel dry and itchy and even cause it to look gray. You may find that your clothes don't come clean in the washer or that the fabric looks dingy and that you have stains on your sinks and tubs. All of those problems are signs that you need a water softener.

We think that the Fleck 5600sxt 64000 is a good model because of the included digital meter and an optional app. It is also an affordable alternative to some of the other water softeners that are out there.

Other Options Worth Looking At

One option that you might consider instead of the Fleck 5600sxt 64000 is the Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener Digital SXT Metered Whole House System. Available from the same manufacturer, it has a similar design and includes a digital meter that helps you keep track of your water usage. Designed to remove the calcium and magnesium deposits found in most homes, it is a little smaller in size.

Another option is the Pentair WS48-56sxt10 Fleck water softener, which looks quite similar. It has a 48-hour backup that kicks on when the power goes out and comes with an installation kit. Neither of these models is as strong as the Fleck 5600sxt 64000. One other alternative is the 7000sxt 48k Grain. It is a dependable unit that you can install in your home. For other options, read about which one wins between Fleck and GE softeners.

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George Simms is a Salt Lake City based plumber and contractor, with a focus on aiding homes and businesses (particularly farm) solve problems with hard and contaminated water. Walter is here to share his wealth of job experience and a knowledge of both modern and antique plumbing.

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