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About Us

Hard water can be a pain in the neck…literally. Well water can be quite nice: it tastes great, you don’t have to pay a water bill, and it’s often full of minerals, but it can also be TOO full of minerals. Not only does it feel like you’re getting sandblasted whenever you take a shower (and if your water is hard enough, you won’t even really get clean), but it can cause a whole ton of damage to your pipes and other gadgets (like your hot water heater) that can severely shorten their lifespan.

Water Freshed was started to give a curated, research take on what solutions are the best for your problems. While the site started with just water softeners in mind, it has slowly expanded to encompass all sorts of equipment and solutions bent toward improving every aspect of your water quality. From test kits to water softeners to filters, Water Freshed is dedicated to finding the best of the best in water quality solutions.

Our small but dedicated team has years of experience in the plumbing industry, with extensive firsthand knowledge of the problems that can come with untested water supplies, and know which solutions will work the best, and which are bunk.

These reviews are meant to be an open resource for anyone to check up on, whether they’re looking for a solution in their home or business for hard water, or waste that has been contaminated by toxic metals or bacteria.

Last Updated on December 9, 2021