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About the Author

George Simms

George Simms has been in and out of the plumbing business for over 30 years. Despite short stints in other professions (dabbling in electrical engineering and real estate), plumbing has always felt like rewarding work to him. Unique challenges to solve and new skills to learn are always on the table, and George has done his best to keep on top of them all.

Among these changing technologies is water filtration and softening systems, the top of the line of which (reverse osmosis systems) have only been commercially available on the relative cheap for a very short period of time.

George is an expert at workshopping problem areas with clients, and installing whatever they choose. He services both homes and businesses, with a focus on rural areas where hard water is more common. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, though he services across state lines within reasonable distances.

George lends his expertise to our site in the form of information articles, particularly about how many installation jobs can be surprisingly simple do it yourself work.

Last Updated on April 12, 2021